[Renewal: Aug. 25, 2016]

Fossil Insect Research Group
for Nojiiko Excavation

since 1978
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We are one of the expert groups of the Nojiriko Excavation to be held in Lake Nojiri, Nagano Prefecture Kamiminochi-gun Shinano-machi. The head secretariat is in Nojiriko Museum.

This group was established for the purpose to study the fossil insects from the Nojiriko formation, and to reconstruct the palaeenvironment when the Paleolithic people had been there..

The Nojiriko formation is accumulated during the Glacial period, approximately 40,000 to 10,000 years ago. Through the excavation activities since 1962, found are the extinct mammals, such as Naumann elephants and Irish elk, and the stone and bone instrument which are thought to have used by the Paleolithic people.

The secretariat of the group is located in the Entomological Laboratory, Osaka Museum of Natural History. For further information, please contact Shigehiko SHIYAKE (shiyake@mus-nh.city.osaka.jp).