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The Gifts from Nature

Originally humans had lived collecting edible plants from wild plants and then they began cultivating those.
After beginning to grow plants and settling in one place changing from a life of moving around to seek animals, more and more harvests started to be obtained stably. Initial civilization happened for the first time from the space that was born there. Even in current life, nature gives us various gifts. Let's look into this "gift from nature".

26 Food plants and their homes

Useful wild plants, which are the prototype of crops, are not uniformly distributed on the earth, but are concentrated in certain regions. Agriculture according to the nature and environment of plants began, depending on the people living in those areas, and thus they developed into different civilizations. Here, we will introduce the Mediterranean region, Savanna zone from Africa to India, the Tropical zone in Southeast Asia, the Evergreen Forest zone that continues north from Southeast Asia, and each region in the Americas.