General collection of beetles Butterflies collected by Mr. Paul Jacoulet
General collection of butterflies Nobuyoshi Tosawa Hymenoptera collection
Insects collected by Mr. Hiroshi Aoki Longhorn beetle collection by Dr. Keizo Kojima
Beetle collection by Mr. Mitsuo Goto
Longhorn beetle collection by Dr. Masao Hayashi
Butterfly and Beetle collection by Prof. Hirokazu Okamura
Mitsuhiro Sasakawa Diptera collection
Dermaptera collection by Dr. Seiroku Sakai Collection transferred from Takarazuka Insectarium
Beetle and butterfly collection by Mr. Genryo Nakata Butterflies collected by Prof. Kaoru Sumiyoshi
Insects collected by Mr. Wakoh Kitawaki Teruo Kimura Diptera collection
Spider collection by Dr. Takeo Yaginuma Insect collection by Mr. Shigeo Umetani
Butterfly collection by Mr. Yoshiaki Syouji Butterfly collection by Mr. Shinichiro Katoh
Collection transferred from Sakai City Institute for scientific Education Jun'ichi Adachi collection (Nest of Vespids)
Katsuji Tsuneki Hymenoptera collection
Fossil insects from the Mesozoic and the Cenozoic
    Under preparation
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